Comments About Jim Cogan’s Storyteller’s Many Different Programs

Elementary Schools

“Within a single hour, the children and adults sitting on the floor and tables were taken from the jungles of Haiti to the icy igloos of Alaska, only to end up on Alabama’s Tombigbee River. They were riveted to the voices, faces and sound effects that Cogan creates so seamlessly.
-Lesley Wright, Los Angeles Times

“You were fabulous; the kids loved you. All grades are repeating stories to their families and 
that only adds to the conversations at the table which we know is the key to a good and close relationship. The teachers loved you; they were, as I was, enthralled. You give so much value. Emphasizing the messages in the stories is a wonderful addition as they are they original way humans instilled values and morals in each other. You are a gift to all of us; a master storyteller who can create all the voices, emotions and gestures of 40 characters! Teacher after teacher and child after child has spoken to me about you. Thank you thank you thank you. I would say you are coming back to our school; hopefully many times.”  
-Angelique Pitney, Carden Conejo School, Calabasas, CA

“Today we had two assemblies and eight workshops with Jim Cogan, a master storyteller. He was fantastic! The students were mesmerized with his stories! The students also interacted with him while he was telling his stories. In his workshops he taught students about story mapping techniques and plot exercises. Everything he teaches follows the Common Core State Standards. This is one of the best assemblies I have ever participated in and the workshops were very productive. He will do two [or three] assemblies and stay the entire day for the workshops. Check his program out at I even had teachers ask me if he could come back and in-service them on how to engage the students like he does. Truly amazing and worth every cent!”                                        -Deborah Hutchinson, Liberty School, Chino, CA

“What a delight it was to meet you and have you perform your Literacy Assemblies for the children!! Thank you so much for your efforts. You do a wonderful job of drawing them in – and then captivating them before they know it. Who would guess that kids raised on MTV & X Box could still appreciate such old magic. We look forward to having you again.”
-Kay Hansen, Principal, McKinley Elementary, Boise, ID

“Wow! We were thrilled to have you perform for our students, staff and families for both Red Ribbon Week and at our Family Bookfair Night. Your stories were hysterical and meaningful and, most of all, pertinent to the theme of each event. The students of every grade level were effusively re-telling your stories in class and at home for days after your visits. You can be assured that you have warmed many hearts and filled many young minds with the possibilities of endless creativity.”
 -Bonnie Small, Collene Ortiz, Jenny Baldoni 
 John Malcolm Elementary, Laguna Niguel, CA 

“We’ve gotten so much positive feedback on your Literacy and Participation Tales programs! From big kids to small, to all the adults, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. You really have a way of captivating young audiences.”           
-Jan McKee, PTA President, Adams School, Riverside, CA

“Thank you for bringing your wonderful storytelling skills to our school for Red Ribbon Week. The students were fascinated by your stories and came away with some food for thought as well.”
-Jenny Harrison, VP Programs, Peterson Elem, Huntington Beach, CA

Middle Schools

“All of the young students in the audience were captivated by your Stories for Middle School which related to dreaming, reading, memory, tradition and making a difference…your stories incorporated many of the requirements of our school program.”
-Kathleen Pacheco, Sierra Middle School, Bakersfield, CA

“Teaching is very much a reflection of life’s magic. That magic was evident in Cogan’s facial expressions, gestures and animated character voices as he drew his young listeners into tales of
individual courage.”                                  -Kathleen Mortensen, Idaho Statesman, Boise, ID

“How wonderful to have you come to Lawrence Middle School and bring the students’ ‘Welcome to Litterville’ to life. The students had a great time as you shared your expertise with them. We all enjoyed the performance.”     -Connie Troe, English Teacher, Lawrence MS, Chatsworth, CA

High Schools

“I recently observed a large roomful of students completely engaged and captivated as James Cogan painted the pictures of his story through words that were woven together with extreme thought and care and delivered perfectly, punctuated by his very animated and dramatic presentation style. His compassion and creativity are unique and invaluable resources. Through entertaining and heartwarming stories, he opens many doors for those once shut out. He sends all the right messages leading students and educators on a path to creating a wonderful school climate free of bias-based bullying behavior. Mr. Cogan's heart and wisdom has led many a child to see the world in a much more positive light. And when Jim leaves the building, he leaves behind high quality literature lessons that teachers may do as follow-up to reinforce messages of kindness, empathy, and acceptance of differences. His programs have a lasting effect.”
-Catherine Tully, School Climate Improvement Specialist, 
Public Educ. Foundation, Las Vegas,NV


“Renowned storyteller Jim Cogan returned to Albertson’s College of Idaho last Wednesday…this is the third time Cogan has been to the campus and it most likely won’t be the last. He entertained the group for over two hours with three stories from very different genres, wrapping the audience in his storytelling spell each time.”                        -Julie Mitchell, The Coyote, College of Idaho


“With his creative use of sound and an animated physical presence, Jim Cogan transforms stories into dramatic and often hilarious adventures. Now the Getty Museum has teamed up with this talented storyteller to offer a fantastic tale of a land ruled by bugs, inspired by a unique work of art in the Getty's collection--John Baldesarri's "Specimen (After Dürer). Alice, a young, aspiring artist, is miniaturized in her own backyard and finds herself in a land of giant bugs. Jim Cogan not only entertains by weaving a delightful world of talking and singing beetles, but he also integrates art appreciation into the story.”                                           -Mike Winder, The Getty Museum

Storytelling Festivals

“I want to thank you for the incredible performances you gave at the Second Annual Modesto Junior College Storytelling Festival. I have received nothing but rave reviews from those who attended. You are an exceptional artist.”
-Dr. Jim Johnson, Dean, Festival Director, Modesto, CA

“As the director of the Ojai Storytelling Festival, I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Cogan many times as a storyteller and emcee. He is a definite favorite of the festival. In my other capacity as artistic director for Performances To Grow On, Jim Cogan is on our assembly roster and his work is well respected by teachers and loved by students of all ages. Jim is a true craftsman of stories and he brings enthusiasm and creativity to every tale he tells. Mr. Cogan encourages a love of language and joy towards life in all his performances. “The Man of a thousand faces…Jim is well known for his humor and personality.
-Brian Bemel, Director, Ojai Storytelling Festival

“Jim creates a dynamic storytelling experience. Inspired by history and legend, his performances
also feature personal stories or traditional tales. He brings a zany presence to every tale he shares.”                                                                              -Bay Area Storytelling Festival


“You gave us all a real treat with your wonderful tales. You made a familiar story come alive in a new way and introduced us to tales we’d never heard before. We loved the way you use your voice and whole body to engage the audience. You are truly the man of a thousand faces and voices! Your enthusiastic telling had everyone participating. Young and old alike were happily crowing like roosters, flying up to the palace window and demanding their diamond button. Your warmth, humor and kindness made it easy for children to volunteer to help tell the Irish story and your experience and flexibility allowed the “extra” children to participate. You are an extraordinary storyteller and a warm and generous teacher. We highly recommend you to everyone - you represent the very best in storytelling!”                           -Laurie Peck, Youth Librarian, Mountain View Library, CA

“Just a few words to thank you for the fantastic program of stories that you told at our Hallo-Teen Fest. The kids (and adults) loved every minute of it. In fact, one of our librarians who works at two of our local middle schools said that the students who attended Hallo-Teen especially liked “La Llorona!” Personally, it was neat to hear a different version than the one my grandmother told me years ago. Thanks again.”                     -Donna Arreola, Librarian, Whittier Public Library

“Your participation in our Wild Family Fun Day was a perfect fit for our Call of the Wild programming. You brought Jack London's novel to life and kept both young and old on the edge of their seats throughout your retelling of Call of the Wild. Your ability to bring a story to life and transport your audience to the Yukon Gold Rush is a unique gift. I could have easily listened to your interpretations for hours. Thank you for contributing to the success of our 2009 Big Read Program. Your program was our highlight. I will recommend you without hesitation to other libraries in search of quality family programming. Thank you for transporting us to the Yukon Jack London so loved.”                                     -Pat Lambert, Senior Librarian, Pomona Public Library 




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