Bullying behavior is no joke. It hurts! Jim weaves an animated, humorous, interactive style into age-appropriate, creatively adapted fables and folklore to help young students to:

  • Recognize bullying behavior and see how it hurts individuals and school communities
  • Learn how to stand up for themselves and avoid being a target of bullying
  • Learn where to go to get help to stop the bullying
  • Embrace positive behaviors such as friendship, respect and empathy
  • Create a welcoming cooperative climate so there will be “No Room for Bullying”

SECONDARY PROGRAM (Usually 4th grade though 8th)

Bullying creates serious problems at this age. Jim shares powerfully, poignant stories from his youth and blends them with historical developments (civil rights movement, suffrage, heroism, etc.) to grab student’s attention and engage them in a dialogue about little acts of everyday heroism’ that make a positive difference in the world. Students learn to:
  • Understand how and why some students get bullied
  • Avoid becoming a target of bullying
  • Use empathy, praise, friendship and inclusion to create an anti-bullying climate in their school
  • Learn to  communicate with respected leaders about bullying 
  • Discover ways to help others with care, compassion, and little acts of everyday courage
  • Appreciate the legal and personal consequences of cyber bullying

Middle School Note: Jim complements his interactive style with problem solving strategies, emphasizing the role of choice in everyday action and showing the power, pride and positive impact that comes from doing the right thing. 

        DON'T STAND BY!  TAKE A STAND!  Show you C.A.R.E.
I recently observed a large roomful of students completely engaged and captivated as James Cogan painted the pictures of his story through words that were woven together with extreme thought and care and delivered perfectly, punctuated by his very animated and dramatic presentation style. His compassion and creativity are unique and invaluable resources. Through entertaining and heartwarming stories, he opens many doors for those once shut out. He sends all the right messages leading students and educators on a path to creating a wonderful school climate free of bias-based bullying behavior. Mr. Cogan's heart and wisdom has led many a child to see the world in a much more positive light. And when Jim leaves the building, he leaves behind high quality literature lessons that teachers may do as follow-up to reinforce messages of kindness, empathy, and acceptance of differences. His programs have a lasting effect.

Catherine Tully, School Climate Improvement Specialist,
The Public Education Foundation, Las Vegas, NV
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Jim gives students the tools to stand up to bullying on behalf of themselves and others as they discover the power of empathy and the value of friendship.

Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Orange County, CA

Jim's animated, interactive, and poignant stories detail various ways bullying creeps into schools and how, by using cooperation, action, respect and empathy students can take a stand to make their school bully-free.

Performances to Grow On, Ventura County, CA

Thank you for your wonderful performances here at Franklin school. The students enjoyed your talent and learned valuable lessons. You were a breath of fresh air today on our campus! It was great how you integrated Peacebuilder language into your performance! Keep up the great work!

Jackie Land, Counselor, Redlands, CA ​
 Evening Program With Community and Parents
Jim brings parents into the circle of bullying prevention for schools in an evening of provocative and thought-provoking interaction with trained school personnel and interactive storytelling.  Most effective when  presented on the evening of Jim’s school performance Communities Against Bullying is a collaborative project best planned with Jim, school staff, parents and key community leaders.  The goal is both informative and pro-active.  Jim’s C.A.R.E. formula (Cooperation, Action, Respect, Empathy) bolsters school policy to help every child and the school community become bullying-free.  
Print "Bring Bullying to Bay" Flyer:
Supports the PEACE BUILDERS PROGRAM through Positive Reinforcement, Praise, 
No Put Downs, Helping Others, Seeking Wise People and Righting Wrongs.

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Jim Cogan Storyteller
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Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts 
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Performances to Grow On  805-646-8907